Therapeutic Intervention:
On Location.

  • The context within which intervention occurs depends upon the family and child needs and the goals of intervention.
  • A decision-making process leads to varied treatment locations, with the aim of reducing stress created by transitions and unexpected events in the lived experience.
  • Therapeutic intervention includes scaffolding to support the child’s strengths in the face of challenges, no matter where they occur.
  • Typical locations may include a clinic, home, school, park, store, or doctor’s office.
  • A developmental, strength-based, treatment philosophy that acknowledges neurobiological, social-emotional, and functional challenges within a child and a family’s daily routines and experiences.
  • Co-treatment is collaborative and includes reflective processing to achieve a broader intervention perspective and impact.
  • Therapy emphasizes parent involvement through an increased awareness of interactive patterns with the goal of building positive and meaningful connections between family members.
  • Lead therapists: clinical psychologist and occupational therapist.
  • Ongoing collaboration with other professionals.
  • Additional team members to meet the specific needs of families.